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Ringardas Donates Computers to Junior Secondary School Asokoro

Ringardas Donates Computers to Junior Secondary School Asokoro

In a significant stride towards promoting education and technological advancement, Ringardas Nigeria Limited demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) on Monday, 11th December 2023, by donating 10 computers to a Junior Secondary School founded in September 2005 in Asokoro-Abuja where our Head Office is situated.

Our CSR initiative exemplifies a commitment to making a positive impact in our community by empowering the younger generation through technology, this commitment reflects a dedication to fostering knowledge, innovation, and socio-economic progress, ultimately making a positive and lasting impact on the education landscape where we operate. In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the future, we believe that providing students with access to computers will help bridge the digital divide by enhancing their learning capacity and ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s technology-driven world.

Mrs. Nana Shaibu, in her role as Corporate Affairs Manager, handed over the computers to the school Principal for their IT Room with the expectation that they would be used efficiently. She emphasized the importance of these computers as tools to facilitate practical learning experiences for the students, encouraging the application of theoretical knowledge in a real-world context.

The school Principal, Mr. Izzi Jaafaru Madaki expressed their sincere appreciation to the Management of Ringardas Nigeria Ltd. for the generous donation. He said that the students are elated by the computer donation and feel privileged to be recipients of such a thoughtful gesture. Before this donation, the students lacked practical learning opportunities, but with the computers provided by RNL, they can now apply what they have learned in practice. Mr. Jaafaru emphasized that this marks a significant milestone for their school, enabling students to actively engage with and implement the knowledge they acquire. He reiterated the school’s profound gratitude for this valuable contribution. He wished Ringardas success in their business.

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