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Quality Assurance & Control

ASCA supplies environmentally friendly and constantly monitored bitumen and emulsion from our in-house laboratories. Customers and business associates are allowed to carry out own tests to ascertain the quality of our products deliver to them.

ASCA bitumen and emulsions are sourced from refineries in the USA, Spain, Ivory Coast, France, Greece and other major high standard quality producing centres in the world.

The bitumen delivered with assurance on standard quality that conforms to Nigerian Industrial Standard (NIS 171 : 1983) and EN 12591 : 2009 “Bitumen and bituminous binders – Specifications for paving grade bitumen” / ASTM D946 – 15 “Standard Specifications for Penetration Graded asphalt binder” for Penetration Grade bitumen. ASTM is also used for Viscosity Grade bitumen/asphalt and Performance Graded bitumen/asphalt binders such as Polymer Modified Bitumen.

Additionally, the management of ASCA is keen about QA/QC policy and procedures that aim at safeguarding compliance and effectiveness of the existing documented quality assurance systems on the foundation of international quality audit based on competitive prices.

Our Technical, Research and Development team is constantly at the vanguard of technological advances and uses best practices in both product and application techniques. The quality of our products is constantly monitored by our dedicated in-house laboratories. ASCA also extends this service to our valuable clients so they can carry out their own tests

Additionally, constant quality checks are performed in our terminals. In fact, the product is first tested by independent laboratories at the port of loading. The fact that we have competitively-priced high quality products which combines with our vast distribution network, enables us to deliver high performance to your doorstep/work site. Our QA/QC policy and procedures are designed to deliver the highest quality at competitive prices and in a timely manner.


Our logistic network gives us the competitive advantage to ensure delivery of our products in any part of the country in the shortest possible time.
All our fleet of trucks and road tankers are equipped with GPS navigation and tracking systems which allow you to track your shipments and plan accordingly.