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Ringardas Employees Celebrate International Anti-Corruption Day

Ringardas Employees Celebrate International Anti-Corruption Day

Ringardas Nigeria Limited joined the rest of the world to mark the UN International Anti-Corruption Day, celebrated worldwide every year on 9th December. The event was held virtual for all RNL staff and it was aimed at sensitizing them on the dangers of corruption and the rewards of ethical behaviour.

Our guest speaker for the event was Mr. Humphrey Okorie, who is a consultant, and seasoned executive with an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies, underlining risks, compliance implications, and appropriate business optimization strategies.

The theme for this year’s Anti-Corruption program is “Champions Don’t Cheat”.

Mr. Okorie began the session by commending the management of Ringardas Nigeria Limited and the Internal Audit & Compliance Manager for organizing this year-end event, to celebrate and sensitize the employees on Anti-Corruption as it affects our society.

He said, where there is ignorance, so many things go wrong, but that is not our case here because we have taken several steps to create awareness, and these actions must be commended. Integrity is very key, and it is important that an awareness campaign is organised from time to time.

A champion is dependable, courageous, honest, empathetic, perseveres, is sacrificial, and goes the

extra mile to crawl out of difficult situations and think of what to do to add value to the organisation. He is disciplined, confident, tolerant, and not afraid to fail.


He concluded by saying, we should always remember our core values and be ready to work together as a team as we represent the image of the organisation and be prepare take out the foxes that spoil the vines when identified to prevent them from corrupting others.

The Managing Director, Mr. Dave Van Den Bulck thanked the guest speaker and organiser for the event, he said it is important that we pay close attention to the issue of Anti-Corruption as we carry out our business activities and our personal dealings. Whatever situation the employees identify as a risk, they should speak up and get support from management and they should always remember that integrity is our DNA.  Ringardas is part of the Rubis group, and we must strive to ensure that we show professionalism and integrity as these are part of our Core Values in the group. We must make sure that we are compliant with all the laws and regulations that are put in place both locally and internationally to avoid anything that could affect the group.

An essay competition was organized to mark this year’s event, and the best writer for this year’s Anti-Corruption essay competition is Mr. Robert Anujo, HR Advisor who is based at the Head Office.

He wrote on the theme “Champions Don’t Cheat”.

Being called a champion transcends beyond possessing the physical metallic title only. It is more of the mentality that of course defines champions’ actions and inactions. Champions remain pacesetters, their actions become points of reference, and innovations are part of their DNA. True champions don’t cheat.

Our employees are our great assets.



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