Training Programme on Defensive Driving and Safety for Ringardas Bulk Truck Operator’s (BTO)

On the 23rd to 31st August, the human resource department in collaboration with the tracking team organized a training on Defensive Driving and Safety for all Bulk Truck Operators (BTO) at our terminals in Sapele and Gwagwalada with 153 BTO’s in attendance. The training course was facilitated by a mix of professionals from various relevant institutions as follows: ITF Officials, Federal Road Safety Officials, Red Cross Officials and FOTON Engineers.


Statistics have shown that no fewer than two lives are lost every four hours on Nigerian roads, and every year about twenty thousand of eleven million vehicles are involved in road crashes (Near Miss Management System NMS, March 2018).

Defensive driving is considered among the most effective ways companies can reduce costs and risks associated with its operating fleets. It focuses on advanced driving techniques to anticipate and mitigate potentially risky scenarios, conscious attitudinal re-orientation of BTO’s, to reduce the frequency and severity of truck accidents and maintain the right safety measures in protecting lives and handling products.

Upon completion of this course, our BTO’S were able to: Learn the benefits of avoiding Harsh Braking, Understand and apply the Highway Codes, approved speed limits and Traffic Signs, Know the expiry dates and recommended pressure gauges of tyres, Learn stress management techniques to improve their mental and physical well being, Understand the Financial and organizational benefits and technical advantages of upholding good maintenance culture of trucks, and also Understand the damaging effect of some common habits practiced by drivers.