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Anti-Corruption Training for Staff Exposed to Corruption

The Internal Audit and Compliance Department organized an Anti-Corruption Training on Microsoft Teams, for Staff Exposed to Corruption.


The aim of the training was to sensitize employees on ways to handle anti-corruption issues they may encounter while performing their official and personal duties.


The training was for three weeks/sessions at all our locations. It was participatory involving the Managing Director Mr. Phillipe Goron, senior management, managers, and officers were assigned various topics as follows: Rubis code of ethics, Internal whistle blowing /Alert procedure, RNL policy for accepting, giving gift and invitation, Rubis anti- corruption implementation guideline, how to interact with public officials (Rubis), RNL staff handbook.


Mr. Goron who was present all through the training spoke on the importance to fight corruption and ensure that, the image of Ringardas and Nigeria is continues to improve in line with Rubis code of ethics.


This training also gave the employees an opportunity to share their experiences and how to hand it without compromising.