Charter of Best Practice for Professional Email Use

Technological change, the internationalization of markets, competition among firms within the same sector and the increasing expectations of customers are all factors that make an organization’s environment unstable. The ability to communicate rapidly unencumbered by space, time barriers, contributes to the now indispensable responsiveness. Emails are used globally and have become the most popular technology amongst users.

This medium has specific features: It is rapid, written, asynchronous from communication with one or more persons, with external memory. The combination distinguishes email from traditional media such as the telephone, written or face to face communication.

Our IT Department has seen the need to educate us on the Charter of best Practice for professional email use. To help us understand how best to communicate using emails, to prevent users from losing the objective and avoid poor control of email use that may become a devastating tool for any organization.
This will in turn help us benefit from the technical and organizational advantages it offers.

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