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RNL Organized a Town Hall Meeting & Picnic to Boost Employee Engagement

The Human Resources Department organized a town hall meeting at the head office on the 24th June 2021, and this was followed with a picnic over the weekend. At the meeting, in attendance was the Managing Director, Exco Members, Employees and Mr. David Gerad Jean Robert, who visited Nigeria from Paris to familiarize with the business.

The aim of the town hall meeting was to aid first-hand communication between the management and the employees of Ringardas, on the current activities in the organisation.

Human Resources Director, Mr. Olayinka Olatunbosun welcomed the employees, taking them through RNL’s Core Values which are, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Care, and Innovation. He further spoke on the measures Ringardas is taking as a corporate organisation to obtain positive results and he admonished the employees not to deviate from the focus.

The HR Director stressed on Care and expressed Management’s concern regarding its employee’s wellbeing, urging them to see the need to take first-hand care of their health, and take advantage of the incentives given to those who will take the 1st and 2nd dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The Managing Director Mr. Philippe Goron began by commending the employees on their excellent performance and continuous support in moving the organisation forward. He also added that RNL’s business is doing very well and will successfully meet this year’s target.

This gathering gave the employees an opportunity to directly ask the Managing Director questions on issues bothering them and he responded accordingly. The open session also gave the employees an opportunity to interact with management freely and vice versa. Concerns and questions were brought to the table and responses as well as feedback were given to same immediately.

At the end of the session the employees were further updated on ongoing initiatives and activities across all our locations. This created awareness amongst all present and aided understanding, which will further enable all employees to know and play their roles in a more productive manner, as they are aware of ‘what’ and ‘how’ it impacts the organisation.

The week ended with a picnic at River Plate Park in Abuja. It was a fantastic time out together with the employees and their family members in attendance. The children were not left out. And there was a lot of fun activities like egg and spoon, cup’s count, dancing competition, and many others with enough refreshment.