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ASCA Bitumen complies with European and American standards. We source only the highest quality Bitumen to ensure excellent durability under extreme weather and traffic conditions. ASCA bitumen is suitable for paving express ways, highways, urban roads, bridge decks and parking areas. The bitumen is delivered HOT and can be used immediately.



Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

Combined with the application experiences and efforts of the R&D team, the ASCA Group has developed Polymer Modified Bitumen which is made with carefully selected and compatible SBS and base material. The high quality and compatible system offers superior performance properties without segregation. Its high resistance to rutting, cracking and fatigue ensures application on pavements subject to extreme conditions such as very high/low temperature variations and/or heavy traffic. The ASCA PMB can also be used for special mixed design e.g. porous asphalt, SMA, bridge decks. The ASCA PMB can also be tailor made according to specific requirements such as airport runways and taxiways.




The ASCA Group is a pioneer in Bitumen Emulsions in Nigeria. Bitumen Emulsions are mainly used in pavement construction and maintenance including prime coating, tack coating and surface dressing. Bitumen Emulsions are used in cold application and do not require heating. This contributes to sustainable development by reducing energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases. ASCA Bitumen Emulsions are approved by the Nigerian Ministry of Works for incorporation into both new roads and roads undergoing reconstruction/rehabilitation.




Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

ASCA supplies and delivers AGO premium diesel, a low sulphur diesel used in diesel engines and generators. By adding specific additives to our AGO, we are able to increase performance, lubricity and prevent corrosion.

This ASCA premium diesel provides high performance and also guarantees cleaner engines with reduced exhaust emissions.

ASCA’s premium AGO diesel can be supplied and collected on the same day of order. Our premium diesel tanks in Sapele with a capacity of 25,000,000 litres, combined with our 24×7 operations, guarantees uninterrupted supply of product.


Prime Motor Spirit (PMS)/Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

Our white products PMS and DPK are used for engines and other purposes. ASCA has commenced supplies of PMS and DPK from our terminal in Sapele. The PMS or petrol is the most widely demanded and utilised petroleum product. DPK is used for cooking, heating systems and is also used as aviation fuel.