About Us

Ringardas Nigeria Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 22nd November, 2005. Its primary business includes the importation, storage, marketing and distribution of Bitumen, Bituminous products and Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) in Nigeria.

The entry of the company into the Bitumen business in Nigeria revolutionized the supply of the product in the country. Prior to this time, it was the case that road construction projects were regularly interrupted due to shortage of Bitumen in the country.  Ringardas changed this by establishing storage terminals in all the geo-political zones in Nigeria from where Bitumen could readily be made available to all contractors with ease.

The company also put in place a fleet of customized trucks that deliver hot Bitumen, ready to be used on delivery, to road contractors at construction sites all over Nigeria. The innovations introduced by the company eliminated the need to re-heat Bitumen supplied by the company before use, thereby saving time and energy hitherto expended by the contractors in heating the product before use. Thus, Bitumen has become readily available all over Nigeria for road construction projects.

In 2015, Rubis Energie, a France-based international oil company specialized in the storage, distribution and sale of liquid fuels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), in over 30 countries acquired Ringardas together with its sister companies in Belgium, Senegal and Togo. The intention behind Rubis’ acquisition of Ringardas is to further build on the success of Ringardas in Nigeria by deploying its wealth of knowhow, experience and resources towards improving the successes Ringardas has achieved in Nigeria over the years.

Despite the challenges posed by the prevailing economic situation in Nigeria in 2015 and 2016, Both management of Ringardas and shareholders have ensured that the Bitumen supply was not adversely affected. In other words, the supply of Bitumen to road contractors never ebbed, thanks to the unabated support of our parent company.

The company has a share capital of 8,000,000,000 Naira, 99.9% of which is owned by Rubis Energie

The Board of Directors is composed of the following persons:

  1. Olivier Nechad (Chairman)
  2. Jean-Jacques Jung (CEO)
  3. Frank Hendriks

The Company Secretary is Patrick A. Ameh, Esq.

The Executive Directors are;

  1. Jean-Jacques Jung – Managing Director.
  2. Frank Hendriks – Director of Finance.
  3. Pierre Jean Cerino – Director of Operations and Technical.
  4. Sukhvinder Lamba – Director of Commercial.
  5. Olayinka Olatunbosun – Director of Human Resources.
  6. Toon Renmans – Administrative Director.


In April 2017, three Nigerian sister companies of Ringardas companies, Marbach Global Company Limited (“Marbach”), Startac Global Forwarding Limited (“Startac”) and Zimrich Trading Company Nigeria Limited (“Zimrich”) were dissolved. The purpose of this merger was to streamline, further strengthen and maximize the capacity of the company to better serve its customers.

The company has contributed to the government’s efforts to create employment by providing jobs to over 435 permanent employees, 97% of which are Nigerian.

In our organization, we ensure that all rules and regulations regarding the products and services are in line with international standard of management.

Many subcontractors are also creating value and employment in many fields like construction & engineering, maintenance, security, household, and so on.